The service we offer

Introductory visit

We will initially visit you at your home to meet you and your cat and discuss your particular requirements in detail. We will follow your instructions regarding feeding, play, medication and other care such as grooming.

Visits to your home

When you are away, we will normally visit once daily for 30 minutes, but this can be extended up to 1 hour, or twice daily, for young kittens or cats requiring medication. We don’t accept requests to visit every other day, as we consider that a daily visit is necessary for animal for welfare reasons.

During the visit we put out the cat’s fresh food and water, clean litter trays, move mail out of sight, check your cat looks well and contented, and we’ll use any remaining time to play with them, groom them or chat with them!

If you wish, and if time allows, we can open and close curtains, turn lights on or off, water plants etc but we will always prioritise your cat’s welfare and comfort. On leaving we check the door is secure and will return bins to their usual spot.

Visits would normally be done by Chris or Susie, depending on where you live, and we provide cover for each other during absence or illness. Occasionally we may use helpers who are normally family members or clients of Cats at Home themselves.

On the most busy periods (such as Christmas) we may shorten our visit slightly to accommodate as many customers who need us as possible, we’ll discuss this with you beforehand.


We will do our best to check your cat is well and happy every day. If we can’t see a cat that has access to outdoors we will ensure their food is being eaten and may contact you to seek advice on their usual habits.

If your cat seems to be injured or unwell we will follow your directions on their care where possible, but if we are concerned or would take our cat to the vet in the same situation, it may be necessary for us to take your cat to the vet urgently. We will always let you know this has happened and, in every situation, the welfare of your cat is our first priority. If we can’t contact you we will use your preferred vet where possible, but we will use our local vet otherwise.

Other pets

Both Susie and Chris are used to looking after laying hens. We would be happy to discuss looking after your other small pets such as birds, small mammals, fish, insects, amphibians and reptiles but please do discuss this with us beforehand because we may need more detailed instructions or may decline if we can’t ensure their well being and comfort.

Unfortunately we can’t provide a dog sitting service.


You can choose to leave your keys with us, or deliver and collect them from us before and after your absence, that’s entirely your decision. If you need us to collect and return keys we charge £8 for each trip because it reduces the number of cats we can care for on that day. If you leave your keys with us, they will be held securely and linked to your pets’ names – we do not label keys with your own name or your address.

If you wish us to hold your keys, please do ensure you provide us with a set that has been tested, especially if newly cut.

We do not display logos or advertising on our clothes or vehicles. We will check the front door is secure before leaving and close any windows we find open (unless you tell us not to).

We carry substantial professional and third party insurance.

Terms and conditions

You will be asked to sign our full terms and conditions before we look after your cat. We can supply a copy of the full terms and conditions at any time, please just contact us.

Our prices

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